Just kidding!

I made a shrug!

I’ve explained what a shrug is more times than I expected to over the past week or so– but I think that is partially my fault. The entire time I was knitting this, I figured it was very possible it would become something other than what I had in mind by the end of the project…I’m at such an early stage of learning to knit that sometimes what I see in my mind’s eye is entirely not what gets produced by my hands. So whenever anyone asked me what I was making I’d say “We’ll see!!” — building suspense, but also giving myself a way out in case I wanted to turn it into a scarf. But– it DID turn into what I wanted– so a shrug is basically a small cardigan that covers your shoulders and upper back. Woohoo! I did it!

So– what started as this:

soon turned into this (which, I can’t believe I did– loved this detailing on the edge, done with slipping stitches on every other row):

Then it grew into this! The uneven edge is only partially real– I did mess up a few rows, but this pattern naturally rolled inward, so the picture was taken showing parts of it still rolled, and other parts pulled flatter. This, though, was finally done and ready to be blocked, or shaped while wet and then dried to keep that shape:

Finished product! Posing while my 7 yr old takes pictures of my masterpiece!

This project took me a few months– took some breaks, but really loved the process. Now, onto the next project 😉

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