Hair update

Don’t get to used to updates on my hair, because usually I literally spend 10 seconds on it in the mornings. It wasn’t until I was in college when I learned how to tame my natural curls, tame the frizz etc etc. I started to color my hair about a year ago, but honestly the colors I chose were so subtle that really only I could tell! Here is my hint of red– captured in just the right light… to appear much redder than it was.

Well, through this cancer biz my hair has been changed in ways I would never have planned. First I had a patch shaved for the biopsy at the end of April. Prior to my larger surgery in May I had several other patches shaved where they put the stickers pictured a few posts ago. Then, of course was my surgery– which left me with a large upside down U on the right of my head. So many patches. And– to top it off (although a minor concern) – I wasn’t able to use color safe shampoo while my head was healing– so my more recent dye job turned orange rather than staying red. Ah well….

Luckily, now I have the opportunity to go wild with my hair! Something I would have never done before. In the movie of my life, this hair montage will have a voice-over narration: “Brain cancer messing with your hair? EFF THAT! Show that cancer who is BOSS!”

SO- I did. I had been looking for short hair inspiration pictures on Pinterest. A disappointing finding is that if you search “post craniotomy haircut” on Pinterest, mostly what comes up is wig websites. 🙄 But I did find some good pictures of short punk hair, “hair tattoos,” or shaved patterns, and I went for it!

Lotus flower pattern… my oldest says it is definitely dragon scales 💪
Super hero speed line or octopus arm? You decide 😂

I’ve been really happy with my hair after doing this– fixed most of the patches, and gives me a feeling of control in this uncontrollable situation. More to come on that later 😉

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