The list of things I should be blogging about

-the extreme difficulty of taking a good family picture

-knitting update and my accidental foray into crochet

– taking the puppy to Home Depot, aka trying to socialize him now so he doesn’t become an ass.

– making a bucket list

-writing to the kids

– My favorite things in the Pacific Northwest

-More about the keto diet

– A post on what not to say to people who have cancer

– Another this is some big bullshit list related to disability, going back to work, insurance, and the administrative side of being sick.

– My multiple experiences with people shaking hands incorrectly. Yes, this is a thing.

– Getting the kids into music, swim, dance, etc

-This weird thing my hair is doing since my surgery

At least that is for starters– I have other ideas percolating… Any preference on what I should write about first?

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