A long overdue knitting update.

It’s been a few months since I shared some of my knitting projects, so here ya go!

The way most of my early projects have started…. I have since learned to ask the local yarn store to roll the yarn I buy into usable balls before I leave the store.
But, knots be damned, that big ol’ knot turned into this baby cardigan! I purchased this pattern from my local store— it’s called Encore Dynamo by the Plymouth Yarn Company
Penguin swaddle and hat for a friend’s baby. Link to this pattern is available here
Learned how to do cables for these fingerless mitts.
Pattern available here
Yarn was a gift from a friend (thank you Barbara!!), called “tropical flame” by Knitting Fever
2 hats for my boys
Patterns here and here
All finished.

And that’s that! I’m currently working on a scarf for my mom… which is a story in itself because the yarn I started with has since been discontinued and as I have noticed I don’t have enough in hand, I’ve had to scour the internet to find more…. and in summary I think I just cleaned out Canada’s supply…

Another project ready to go is a hat that my husband picked out… after finishing these hats for the boys I was feeling quite cocky and told him to pick any hat and I would definitely be able to do it. Well…. he picked a crochet hat. I don’t crochet… yet. But I guess I will! I have the yarn ready to go but haven’t yet raised the motivation to learn a whole new thing. But it’s on the list. ☺️

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