Well… if it weren’t for that one thing…

Clearly, most of us have a lot more time on our hands now that we are physically distancing from our networks and staying home as much as possible. What has kind of blown my mind recently is that, yes— while quarantining isn’t super glamorous— often the opposite with bickering children, piles of dishes and laundry, and the inability to continue with the previous normal rhythm of our lives— I am SO RELIEVED during this time that I am able to stay home with my boys. The ONLY reason I am able to do that is that I am still off work from my cancer treatments. If I did not have brain cancer— I’m sure we’d figure it out- but I would be working through this scary time as a physician, and leaving my kids home to do school work with someone else.

But, instead, of course— what has happened, is that I am home with the boys. And yes— they are on each other’s nerves and also get on mine— but we are also working to find a new rhythm around the house and with each other. While over the past year I’ve been so worried about leaving them early in this life, succumbing to my cancer in all the other unknowns— I am able now to spend so much time with them. What a gift.

If it weren’t for my brain cancer I wouldn’t have this time. This is the ONE time I’ve ever been grateful for this terrible diagnosis. I never ever thought that day would come. But here it is. Now— just need to survive the pandemic!

Stay Safe, readers!

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