Top distractions so far

  • starting this blog… although I guess I’ve been writing a lot about this damn cancer, but it sure is taking some time…
  • sending random bitmojis to my friends
  • Watching schitt’s creek (currently somewhere in season 4). I’m making a running list of things I should watch so feel free to tell me your favorites.
  • lunching and brunching with friends.
  • making terrible art with craypas.
  • picking up the kids with our au pair, watching them ride bikes and play in the park
  • going for walks outside
  • eating donuts and ice cream
  • grocery shopping and thinking of things to cook
  • telling the kids to pick up their LEGOs
  • looking for short hair inspo
  • easy yoga
  • doing the laundry and the dishes and normal every day stuff around here.
  • also this:
Yes– Kai is didgeridoo-ing me

Share your best distractions with me! I could use a few more…

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