A series of conversations about saving money

Me: When we are done with Watchmen we should get rid of HBO

Kai: OK.


Me: I’m going to figure out how to coupon. Also we should get things only if they are on sale.

Kai: OK.


Me: Maybe we should change Ellis’ pre-K to only part-time instead of full time to save money.

Kai: OK.


Me: We should meal prep more and order out less.

Kai: OK.


Me: I think I’ll try to make our own soap and Laundry detergent.

Kai: NO! Too far. Too far. I’m putting my foot down! (He actually said that)

Me: uh-huh. [gives side eye. Researches ingredients for home-made detergents and soaps]


Seriously, though, tell me your money saving hacks. I’m not looking to create stockpiles of anything, which seems to be the result of good couponing skills…but, maybe I can do this in moderation with good results. Maybe getting rid of paper towels and wet wipes and other recurrent purchases completely is a good idea– switch to washable/ re-usable alternatives. But would the increased laundry still make it cost effective and environmentally friendly? I guess, as with everything, this will be a one-step-at-a-time kind of thing.

One thought on “A series of conversations about saving money

  1. STR

    Let me know the answer to all of this… been pondering these for awhile! And Kai’s response, love it, it’s so perfectly you guys and I can hear the convo playing out 😂💕


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